Peer review

Philologia journal applies the peer-review procedure (the evaluation of each article by 2 independent reviewers) in compliance with the Regulations on evaluation, classification and supervising the scientific journals, approved by Executive Board decision of ANACEC No. 6 from 18 December 2018.

The reviewers are selected from the Philologia journal reviewers, experienced experts in the field.

Each article is sent to two reviewers, who are assessing the article according to some criteria stipulated in the Review form.

The reviewers offer in due time the evaluation of the received article without knowing the author’s name. In a similar manner, the author does not know who evaluated his article. If it is considered that the article should be improved, it is sent back to the author with the necessary recommendations. Consequently, the author will comply with the experts’ recommendations. The article is accepted if both reviews are positive. If an article is accepted by one expert but is rejected by the other, the editorial staff will decide on the publication of the article.

The evaluation criteria focus on the following aspects: the relevance of the topic, inclusion in the profile of the journal, appropriate title, relevance of the abstract, observing the inherent structure of a scientific article, originality and quality of the paper, rigor of arguments, conclusions, citations, bibliographic references, in compliance with editing requirements. The result of the evaluation is sent to the editorial staff, including one of the following options: 1) the article is approved for publishing; 2) the article will be approved for publishing after some modifications; 3) the article is not recommended for publishing.