Information for authors

Materials are presented in electronic version, in Romanian, English or French.

The authors of scientific articles shall comply with the following technical requirements:

Program: Word format, A4, Source: Times New Roman (TNR), Normal

Title: body of letters – 12, uppercase, bold, centered. After the title, one (1) space is left

The author (s): first name, author name – Times New Roman font, body of letters – 12, centered

Institution: Times New Roman font, body of letters – 10, centered

Summary and keywords: The summary will be written in Romanian and English and will contain a maximum of 200 words (approximately 10 lines). Keywords will include 5-7 terms / concepts.

Page size: A4, edges: top, bottom and left – 2.5 cm, right – 1.5 cm

Basic text: Times New Roman font, body of letters – 12, line spacing – 1.5

Page numbering – bottom, right.

About the author: At the end of the article, the author’s name, affiliation, contact telephone, e-mail, function, ORCID code and DOI will be given.

The technique of presenting bibliographic references:

1. BANU, Felicia. Title. Place of appearance: Publishing house, year of appearance. Page (optional) ISBN.

2. FRUNZA, Tudor. Title: thesis of Habilitated doctor in philology. Chisinau, 2009. 52 p.

3. Dimensiuni ale educației…: Materials of Scientific Conference with International Participation. “Impactul cercetării …”, Chisinau, September 21-22, 2017. Chisinau: CEPUSM, 2017. 377 p.

4. OLARU, Ion. De la didactica. In: Didactica spre o evoluție. 2016, no. 2 – 3, pp. 20-25.

In the text:

1. (Dediu, 2007, p. 345)

* If the author is quoted in the text, only the year is indicated.

** If the author is mentioned only once in the bibliography, the publishing year shall not indicated.

The bibliographic references are indicated in alphabetical order.


SARAMANDU, Nicolae. Inovaţia şi schimbarea în limbă în perspectivă sociolingvistică.…/32.pdf. (visited 07.03.2013).

Note 1. The volume follows the spelling rules of DOOM 2005.

Note 2. The responsibility for the content of the articles lies exclusively on the authors. The receipt of the article will be confirmed within two days via an electronic message.

Note 3. Materials submitted without complying with the instructions presented above will be rejected.

Articles can be sent to:

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